Officer Roles & Bios

WinECE has six student executive officer positions that are elected by the membership annually. Each position has specific responsibilities, as described below. The organization's staff advisor is Katie Costa

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The president is responsible for the overall running of the organization. This involves planning and scheduling WinECE officer and general body meetings, keeping the organization's calendar, and running a professional or academic development event each semester. The president may appoint special chairs as needed, for example as liaisons to other organizations, or for WinECE's involvement with ECE Day. The president will work closely with our advisor, Katie Costa.

Connie Wang

Connie Wang

Vice President:

The vice president is responsible for planning and running social events, and helps the president when needed. In particular, the vice president is in charge of the fall and spring welcome dinners, and also at least one smaller social event per semester. The vice president may establish a committee to support this role, and will work closely with our advisor regarding issues with funding and food for programs. The vice president will work with the president on WinECE's contribution to ECE Day.

Alina Rath